Mar Ramón Soriano

Mar Ramón Soriano Valencia,

"The processual and theoretical investigation that I am currently carrying out places the materiality of things at the centre of my interest. The dialogues, and the constructive methods depend on the objectual nature that is articulated according to weights, resistances and fragilities. Everything is born from a conscious look around oneself that reads the connotations that each thing brings to the final composition.


The body is just another object, stretched, moulded, hanging by a thread or placed in precarious conditions. Represented with ceramics, it brings a component of drama and fear of breakage. Volumes, colours, densities and arrangements.


A shopping bag leaves a mark on my fingers. I look at the prehensions that are generated between what surrounds us and ourselves and observe how ergonomics design tools that adapt to the dexterous hand, and how at the same time they generate an increasingly minimal and determined gestural theatre. I am interested in common, everyday materials because they go unnoticed due to how common they are, and I take advantage of their implicit meanings in an exercise of constant tergiversation".  

Mar Ramón Soriano (Valencia, 1993) lives in Niñodaguia, Ourense, a village with a pottery tradition. She is currently studying for a PhD in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo.

She has had solo exhibitions at the Granell Foundation in Santiago de Compostela and the Marcos Valcárcel Centre in Ourense; among the latest group exhibitions, currently in progress, are: "Afinidades Selectivas (Mar Ramón+Julia Huete). Carótidas y Coronarias", Casa Galega de Cultura, Vigo, curated by Juan Carlos Román and "Cultivar incertezas: Reformular el espacio/Conmocionar la mirada". CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, curated by Ángel Cerviño.


She has also participated in various competitions and has received awards such as the Novos Valores 2020, the Puenting Award for production Mustang Art Gallery and University of Altea 2020, the Injuve Award for Young Creation 2017-18 and several editions of the Xuventude Crea Award.

  In 2021 she had his first solo exhibition at Nordés, since then, her representative gallery; that same year he also participated in ARCO Madrid 2021, where she presented a solo show in the Artist's Projects Section.

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