Doubt is the only possible state Rosendo Cid From April 5 to May 25 Santiago

Doubt is the only possible state is an exhibition of work never shown before that uses language as a way of entering the field of negation and ambivalence (in addition to the visual use of black) as a paradoxical way of constructing statements.
Antidefinitions, the main series formed by 32 pieces, takes the negation and the short phrase to define some of the categories that conform the world of art, subverting the usual way of sentence or affirmation. A series that does not hide the playful aspect and the clear references to the ways and methods of experimental literature.
The other work on view is the Black on black series, with obvious plastic references such as Malevitch; and literary such as S. Beckett, to name a few, proposing some pieces where the meaning  is not to be found outside the text, as it is usually the case.
It is, therefore, an exhibition that can be labelled as reflective, even literary, because of the way language is used, suspending the senses and the meanings and that is based on the artist's uncertainty during a creative process where nothing should be taken for granted.
An exhibition, in short, full of suggestions where the viewer-reader must draw their own conclusions.

Pieces on display:

  • Antidefinitions (32 pieces. 20x25 cm c/u. Black ink on lead grey background. 2018).
  • Black on black series (5 pieces. 20x25 cm each). Black ink on black background. 2018.


Rosendo Cid (Ourense, 1974)
Rosendo Cid has been working on sculpture, photography, collage, drawing and textual practice since the beginning of his career, combining all these expressions in many of his exhibitions and projects. This is why his narratives may vary: from the poetic ones to those of a more critical nature as well as those that reflect on the artistic process or the idea of the sketch.
His work method is based on continuous tests, as if it were a diary, and this may lead to the inception of some his series, which Cid always keeps open.
Rosendo’s work tells us that every object and image are capable of being transformed into another reality, thus showing the different ways of understanding, of being, and of placing oneself before both the world and the art.

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