Azul lluvia Manuel Eirís From November 14 to January 10 Santiago

Azul lluvia (Rain Blue):


Rain Blue is a color from MTN's water-based aerosol line that I sometimes use for painting, but I also paint with water-based aerosols of other colors and other materials such as grease waxes and oils.

When it rains you can't skate, at least here in Santiago, where there is no covered area, which is a pity because the lovers of other sports don't have such elementary problems. The fans of aquatic Zumba have heated swimming pools, for example, and the soccer fans... let's leave it. In any case it was worse before, when I was a child I remember skating with other friends in the arcades of the church of Salomé in the Rúa Nova; sometimes the priest scolded us for making noise when there was mass, or the doorman of the cinema across the street, the Salón Teatro, because we could hear our blows inside the room and in summer, the owner of the Rhin bar because the boards escaped us against the four tourists who stood on his terrace. The wax for the skateboard to slide on the curb of the step in front of the church was sometimes brought from the cathedral, well, we stole it. It was a time when you could get in and out of there without a security guard patting people down, plus there wasn't much of a line, actually there wasn't even a line on the Apostle's Day, I think. It was a small thing, of course, a candle from time to time, well, more like candles that lasted longer.

Paint with so much humidity takes a long time to dry and oil paint even longer, many times I find it hard to be patient so as not to apply the next coat to another one that is still fresh, or to wait to see how this or that color will look once it is dry. Painting with aerosols is like forming a cloud that rains on a painting. Daniel Buren said that one day we will be able to say that it paints, just as we say that it rains or snows.

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