La sombra que proyectan sobre el suelo Mar Cubero From September 19 to November 8 Santiago

Mar Cubero’s interests (Madrid, 1990) are as vague as persistent. Her work (which shows a bias towards organic forms as well as the use of natural materials) is based on researching the essential qualities of objects (weight, their presence and place in space, their density, texture, etc). This process is fundamentally driven by an almost childish curiosity, through questions which are as strange as exciting: if trees grow up or down, what are the consequences of the weight of the objects? Where does exactly horizontality meet verticality?

This curiosity produces simple pieces full of subtleties that keep a balanced tension between the natural and the processed, between the material and what we call "work."


Mar Cubero has exhibited solo and collectively in spaces such as (selection): 2019 Open Studio, Estudio Mendoza, Madrid; 2018 ManyStudios, Glasgow (Scotland), (curated by Elena Zaccagnini); espacioBrut, Madrid; 2017 (Es)positivo, Madrid; Espacio Valverde, Madrid (curated by Joaquín Jesús Sánchez); Piramidón Centre d’Art Contemporani, Barcelona; 2016 Intransit, Centro de Arte Complutense, Madrid; 2015 Espacio Major 28, Lleida (curated by Lluc Baños).


This is the first Mar Cubero’s exhibition in a gallery.

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