Como un verde, libro verde Julia Huete From June 4 to September 11 Santiago

The structure of the title "Como un verde, libro verde", which originates from a verse by Hernández ("As if a black ship / black"), is chosen both because of the reiteration, and because it equates the total of an object to one of the elements of its appearance: color.


Both in the book's drawings and in the other pieces, colour is applied in a conscious, minimal and slightly evasive way, maintaining a certain distance from the object with which it is related.


In the book, perhaps the drawings make the hinge between the image and the object more evident, but this dichotomy is also present in the other pieces, whose technique and detail anchor their presence to something physical and material, even if it is in their front end where the compositional event takes place. 

Julia Huete (Ourense, 1990) works on abstraction using different techniques and means, always trying to understand it as a language. Her pieces are defined by the fact that they are developed between processes and with certain materials that end up influencing the identity of the work. Her work takes place between intuition and analysis; she likes to delve into which are the most elemental characteristics of each discipline to reflect in an aesthetic and cognitive sense on its own essence and possibilities.


Graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Pontevedra - with exchanges at the University of Porto (Portugal) and Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico). Master in Art Direction in Advertising. 

Her work has been selected in art contests such as Novos Valores in Pontevedra, Auditorio de Galicia Prize in Santiago, Isaac Díaz Pardo Plastic Arts Contest, organised by the County Council of Ourense and María José Jove Foundation International Art Prize. 

She has exhibited collectively since 2013 in various exhibitions in Galicia, at the Kvit Gallery in Copenhagen, Centro Centro in Madrid or the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. In 2018 she had his first individual exhibition in Nordés.

She was a resident of the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome (RAER), in the promotion 2018-2019. 

Her work can be found in collections such as: CA2M, María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Collection, María José Jove Foundation Collection, Oliva Arauna Collection, MICA Collection, County Council of Ourense, County Council of A Coruña and private collections.

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