Cierzo. Los objetos mecidos por él Alberto Odériz From September 16 to October 18 Santiago

Sculpture has a conflictive relationship with movement: unless we exert a force on it, it doesn't move. Perhaps that is why it is at the limit of movement that an object acquires its greatest potential: in the balance with gravity, in its limit of resistance before it deforms, or in the trace that an action registers on it. Faced with a material, the north wind * represents a challenge, a cold force that threatens a change of shape or position. Faced with its blow, there are two alternatives: to increase the anchorage to the ground that supports it or to let it carry us away.

In Cierzo, the sculptor Alberto Odériz (Pamplona, 1983) tackles the theme of landscape by reconstructing it with materials and objects found in the vicinity of his workshop on the slopes of El Perdón (Navarra, Spain). The result is an installation made with fragments of the territory that, rocked and whipped by the north wind, show their resistance and also their fragility.

*Nordés and Cierzo are the name of a north wind.

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