Escrituras ilegibles Luisa Pastor From December 30 to February 11 Santiago

Escrituras ilegibles (Illegible writings)


On March 28, 1971, Roland Barthes sends a letter to Mirtha Dermisache in Argentina, having been deeply impressed by her work, on the question of writing. Roland Barthes says:


Mr. Hugo Santiago has been kind enough to let me see your notebook of graphisms. Let me tell him very simply how impressed I was, not only by the high plastic quality of your drawings (this is not indifferent), but also, and above all, by the extreme intelligence of the theoretical problems about writing that your work raises. You have been able to produce a certain number of forms, neither figurative nor abstract, which could be placed under the name of illegible writing -which leads you to propose to your readers, not the messages, not even the contingent forms of expression, but the idea, the very essence of writing. Nothing is more difficult than to produce an essence, that is, a form that only reverts on its own name; haven't Japanese artists invested a lifetime in tracing a circle that only reverts on the very idea of a circle? Your work is related to this demand. I strongly wish you to continue it and to be published (Cozarinsky, p. 11).


With this simple letter of admiration, in the early 1970s, Roland Barthes coined the term 'illegible writing', referring to a set of unintelligible graphisms that go beyond the rational and discursive order of language, in search of silence. This exhibition revolves around the construction of an alternative writing, made of small fragments and paper architectures, where a polyphony of unconnected voices is heard, from the poetic transformation of a series of accounting books.



Luisa Pastor (Alicante, 1977) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, and a PhD with extraordinary award from the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (Alicante). Among her scholarships, she has the Mexican Government's Special Programs Excellence Scholarship "Estancias de Creación Artística" (SRE/AMEXCID), the production scholarship of the Bilbao Arte Foundation or the postdoctoral scholarship of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (IIE-UNAM), under the direction of Dr. Cuauthémoc Medina. In 2020, Pastor was the artist selected to represent Spain in the biennial "Paper Routes- Women to Watch 2020" at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.

Her work can be found in collections such as the Contemporary Art Collection of the Generalitat Valenciana or the Otazu Foundation, among others, as well as private collections in Spain, Mexico, USA and Germany.

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