La naturaleza entreverada Juan Rivas From September 9 to September 13 Santiago

The publication La vegetación entreverada is a reflection by the architect Luis Gil Pita on the implantation of architecture in the geography that welcomes it and the way of establishing the changing limits and frontiers, if they exist, between them and their surroundings through nature. All this on the example of three houses built by Manuel Gallego Jorreto and under the gaze of the painter Juan Rivas, who illustrates the text. On a return journey, the presentation in the Galería Nordés of the aforementioned pictorial work is accompanied in this exhibition action by the aforementioned publication as an explanatory motif as to why.

Juan Rivas is surely the contemporary Galician artist best suited to accompany this general reflection on the transversal overlap between geography, nature and architecture, as he shows an inseparable gaze between these parameters, in such a way that his exterior scenes show a cohesion and intensity that are so close to the exemplifying architecture of this phenomenon, which Gallego Jorreto's architecture also shows and transmits.


Manuel Gallego Jorreto (Carballiño, Ourense, 1936): graduated as an architect from the ETSAM in 1963, where he also obtained his doctorate in 1968. He began his professional life in the studio of Alejandro de la Sota, after completing his training in Norway, where he worked with Erling Viksjø. A founding member of the Museo do Pobo Galego in 1976, as well as a member of the Seminario de Estudios Gallegos (1980) and of the Luis Seoane Foundation (1996), he has twice been awarded the National Architecture Prize and holds a wide range of honours in the world of Galician and Spanish culture and architecture.

The balance of all his work and thought, breathes a deep commitment between the built, the natural environment and the human factor, in such a way that he has been an example of consensus and harmony for the territory, architecture and society he has served.


Luis Gil Pita (Madrid, 1968): architect by the ETSA, former collaborator of Manuel Gallego Jorreto. He received a research grant in Holland in 2000-1, with a study on the border and liminar in architecture, and was later a visiting professor in the area of projects at the Faculty of Architecture of Guimaráes, Universidade do Minho. Since the beginning of his career, together with his partner Cristina Nieto, they have regularly published articles and have participated as editors in different publications on architecture and furniture as architecture since UnDo ReDo. Their works and projects, many of them linked to the maintenance and restoration of historical and modern heritage, have received different mentions.


Juan Rivas Fernández (Pontevedra, 1974): @juanrivasfdz

"My work focuses on the way we inhabit the landscape. The house as a place where life is built and the relationships that this structure establishes with the space that surrounds it".

//Degree in Fine Arts (Pontevedra, 1999). Erasmus Scholarship at Kingston University, Kingston Upon Thames. (London 1996-7). He has carried out residencies in: Mojácar (Almería, 1999); Bolsa Novos Valores (Deputación de Pontevedra, 2005); Krems an der Donau (Austria, 2009); Karakallio (Espoo, Finland 2019), Kaldarte (Caldas de Reis, 2020) or Asalto en Alfamén (Zaragoza 2021).

And solo exhibitions such as: Light that never goes out, Centro Cultural Marcos Valcárcel (Ourense, 2019); Painting in place, Karakallio (Finland, 2019); Paisajes Tuneados Galería Estampa, Madrid (2012). Espacio 48 Gallery, Santiago de Compostela (2009); Nö Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst, St. Polten, Austria; Comparte tus sueños, Junge Kunst aus der EU, Suppan Contemporary, Vienna, Austria (2009) or Bacelos Gallery, Vigo (2006), to name a few.

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