Galería plenairista / Alberto Odériz + Irene Grau Irene Grau Alberto Odériz From June 18 to September 8 Santiago

Galería plenairista starts from understanding the gallery as a painting, but also as a space for observation or as a frame, and to think of it as an artifact permeable to the elements; the wind, the rain, the sun. Almost like a sundial. A gallery that is both a space of power and precariousness, a banner of the stable and the ephemeral. It can be assembled and disassembled like someone who assembles and disassembles a folding easel. Because a gallery can also be foldable. And it can also be a portable contraption, like one of those canvases that under the arm of the painters made a round trip, leaving the studio blank and returning with a landscape contained on its surface. A 'plenairist gallery' could be all this. Plenilirist Gallery.

A collaboration between the Plataforma Festival and NORDÉS Gallery

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