Sentimiento popular (Popular feeling) Usoa Fullaondo From September 15 to November 11 Santiago

If to a 6 and a 4 we were to add another 6 at the bottom, we could (if we wanted to) draw or imagine a profile with a mouth.




If we were to cut out the number holes (eye, half nose and half mouth) on a sheet of paper folded in half, when unfolded we would find a frontal and symmetrical portrait. The outline of a face made of holes.

This image is also the image of a kiss. Or at least, the image of two profiles brushing against each other.

I repeated this gesture on the pages of a catalog with different examples of embroidery and then I thought of the possibility of painting a fabric with holes with this pattern. To make up and decorate that face. If the canvas also measured 100 x 100 cm, it would offer the possibility of interacting with it.

That is what Izaskun, Ion and Amaia did one day in August 2021 in three different spaces in Getxo. Forest, platform, beach. They also played with objects and plants. Meanwhile, Maider and I took pictures.

We came back in December of the same year. It was getting dark. And it got dark. Ion was especially handsome, and we told him: this one for Tinder.

I like these pictures to be portraits. That they are landscapes. And that they were taken because there are holes. ...




Sentimiento popular is the title of the exhibition that I present in Nordés in September 2022 and gathers pieces made before, after and between these two experiences and others in which different people have participated. It is also the title of a book and a work in progress in collaboration with people close to me that I would like to appear in this text. So, thanks to: Maider Gonzalo, Izaskun Araluzea, Ion Moñus, Amaia Conde, Ena Imaz, Diego Etxeberria, Fran Fraca, Andrej Hrasko, Marilu Pérez, Fito Ramírez- Escudero, Camilo Tonon, Jano Barát.

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