NORDÉS participates in ARTBO 2022

Julia Huete works abstraction using various techniques and media always trying to understand it as a language. Her pieces are defined by the fact that they are developed between processes and with certain materials that end up influencing the identity of the work. One of the ways in which she has worked the most is with large cross-stitch embroidered tapestries, which she later began to mount on a stretcher frame. These works are part of a series of simple compositions made with a continuous line, in which the artist's recent desire to explore volume can be glimpsed, with sculpture now also being a fundamental part of her work.


Miguel Marina understands his work as a process in which each piece and each material leads him to the next, which has provoked formal and discursive leaps that have as a common axis to analyze and think the landscape and the different elements that compose it from the painting and the space in it. The artist usually thinks about the process that involves the union of idea-image-material as a common nexus in his practice, "a kind of fragmented narrative that evokes the making and the manual as a conscience and starting point when relating to my work on a daily basis".


Luisa Pastor's work, against the organicity of the traditional work, recovers the poetic and political capacity of the fragment thanks to a critical questioning of the denotative force of language that, through a complex process of assembly, demonstrates the internal limits of the game of representation, always proving insufficient. In this way, he constructs fictional universes from humor and irony, inviting a much deeper reflection on the frames of reference that structure the material reality of the contemporary world. The main material of his work are the old account books, whose pages he works with precision and meticulousness.

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