NORDÉS participates with the artist Rosendo Cid in ESTAMPA 23. Booth 4C24

We are pleased to announce the participation of NORDÉS in ESTAMPA 2023 where we will present a Solo Project by artist Rosendo Cid specially formulated for the section "Look, think and choose. The international context of painting in Spain", curated by Lorena Martínez de Corral.

Stand 4C24 | Pavilion 4

19 - 22 OCT 2023


No hay respuesta para lo que no termina (There is no answer for what does not end)

This project tries to gather, combine and intersperse two recent series (Todos los amarillos son un paisaje de la conciencia and Fragmentos de una obra inacabada) that the artist keeps open and in continuous process, and whose common nexus is to generate works whose references are themselves; pieces formed from found, recovered and recycled materials, so there is no final idea or a specific form to be reached, being the material itself and the work process what is shaping them.

The first series, Todos los amarillos son un paisaje de la conciencia, focuses on the color yellow with no pretensions of conforming to any symbolic consensus, using color as an abstract, elemental and primary field that enables a more poetic and individual inquiry in each viewer.

The second series, Fragmentos de una obra inacabada, starts from the question of when a work gestated through an open process and from the basis of found or scarcely intervened materials concludes, "concluding" that a work of this type is never completely finished, thus remaining in a possible and continuous revision or re-reading.

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