NORDÉS in Artissima 2023. Monologue / Dialogue Section · Booth 8 · Fuxia Hall

Today opens the 30th edition of Artissima 2023. International Fair of Contemporary Art Torino in which NORDÉS participates for the second time, this year in the section Monologue / Dialogue with the artists Miguel Marina and Alberto Odériz.

Booth 8 | Monologue / Dialogue
3 - 5 NOV 2023

The specific project for Artissima 2023 presented by NORDÉS is the poetic result of the gallery’s proposal to Miguel Marina and Alberto Odériz to elaborate a dialogue starting from ladscape’s reflection as a nexus for both artist, but from a totally personal perspective.

In this way, Miguel Marina thinks of a set of works made by Alberto Odériz where the balances, falls, weights and jumps of his materials are related to the compositional lines of his canvases, finding a common meeting point in both series of works: the small gestures; a gentle pulse that focuses attention on composition and play.

Bartolo Luque and Fernando J. Ballesteros in El año en que La Tierra tuvo dos Lunas show us an example of how anyone can observe a landscape that we all recognize as something unequivocal, but depending on who looks at it and how we do it, that same landscape has the ability to become something completely different for each one.

In this same way, they also refer to Harriot’s gaze relying on some conclusions and perceptions that other men had previously made.

This is an idea that has always interested Miguel Marina: to look like others and seldom like ourselves. For Miguel, that is the reason why while some may see a landsca- pe in our work, we may only see a story that we do not know how to tell but gives clues with every stain, gesture, accident, error, surprise and encounter.

In turn, Alberto Odériz reflects on the first human works which were not constructed or created, but “found” and produced by capricious nature, creating strange and

different forms that made them look different from each other.

We humans pointed out their uniqueness and therefore a mystery contained in them. That is why Alberto considers that the first human intervention was to recognize them as different and therefore, to emphasize them through sculpture, ritual or use.

Sculpture also operates on that fascination to stop and signify the unrepeatable. This is the exact point of rupture for Alberto to develop the project Vedutta, Va a empezar a llover, an installation created specifically for the Artissima 2023 fair, in which Odériz takes as inspiration the work of Vittore Carpaccio (1465 - 1525) in dialogue with the works of Miguel Marina.

The series of sculptures work on Vittore Carpaccio’s landscapes, reconstructing them with found materials and objects.

The result is an installation made with fragments of the territory that are about to change, a drop just before reaching the ground, a horizon that disappears at sun- set or the wheat fields an instant before the wind begins to blow.

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