NORDÉS closes its doors in Santiago and moves definitively to A Coruña

Since a few months ago NORDÉS has a new space in A Coruña, so it was time to say goodbye to the one in Santiago.

Among these granite walls, in the historic center of Compostela, this project was born in December 2017, where a wonderful programming was carried out, taking into account the artists who starred in it and to which we have dedicated a lot of work and affection.

The last exhibition programmed for this space could not have been more successful. Things of destiny. Carta Blanca...para hacer qué? was the second of the Carta Blanca cycle (this time by Rosendo Cid, who invited Carla Andrade and Enrique Lista to collaborate with him) and reflected on concepts such as the blank page, emptiness or silence.

And if in Coruña we opened with the first exhibition of the cycle (to Julia Huete), here we close with the second.

We leave Compostela in silence, leaving the white space empty, without words, but full of memories.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We continue!

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